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Putting Away Holiday Decor? Try This Easy Hack

Welcome to 2016! Hey, have you started putting away your holiday decor yet?  I finally tackled it a few days ago - sealed up those boxes and put them all away, and then found this under the couch:   Ahhhhh!!!  So frustrating! But I found a cool hack to deal...

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Bite-Sized Decorating Ideas: A New Series!

One idea I can't stop obsessing over is that decorating your home doesn't have to be hard.  I speak to so many clients and friends (and blog readers!) who feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to making their spaces beautiful and livable.  And I want to run...

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A Mini Bathroom Transformation

I'm excited to show you today's before & after transformation!  My friend Tracy wanted to take her powder room up a notch, but like so many of us she just wasn't up for a complete overhaul.  We came up with a few cosmetic changes that ended up...

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The Best Decorator Secret of All Time

I'm so excited to share with you my absolute favorite decorator secret of all time.  Seriously, It's REALLY good.  It saves you big bucks and is right in front of you (plain as the nose on your face). Check it out here (I made sure this...

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A Living Room Transformation: Awesome Before & After

I had the privilege of helping decorate a living room from top-to-bottom recently.  My clients Gali and Mark have the most incredible house - beautiful molding!  Natural light!  High ceilings!  Basically my dream. But their living room needed some love.  Actually, A LOT of love. This is what we...

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An Inexpensive Kitchen Refresh: Before & After

  I always love a little Before & After, don't you?   A while back I did a little kitchen "refresh" for Carolyn and Jed, some lovely clients of mine, who wanted to freshen up the space but didn't want to go crazy spending money. This is what we...

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You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gourd Lamp

In my opinion, decorating can come easy if you just realize that you can't go wrong with a few elements. Today, I'm making your life easy.  Just purchase a gourd lamp and call it a day!  I'm telling you, no matter what your home looks like, you can't...

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Baby Girl Room: Before & After

Decorating a baby nursery or little girl's room is a guilty pleasure - it's the one place you can really lay on the cute factor!   For my daughter Caroline's room, we went heavy on the pink & green, a color combo near and dear to my heart. To...

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