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Decor Ideas

Quick Decorator Trick for New Floors

After a whirlwind trip to California, we are back at home and ready to rock.  My oldest had his first day of Kindergarten today!  I was surprised how emotional I was (wow, whoever said it goes by fast was totally right). In Cali, I discovered the...

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Tweaking 2 Dining Rooms…Before & After!

I've been wanting to share these before & after photos with you, just about forever.  A lovely, young SF family asked me to tweak two rooms off their kitchen.  Just freshen them up, make them a bit more modern. The first room is a full-on formal...

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5-Minute Xmas Decor Idea

I am so excited to share this super simple decorating idea with you.  For those of you who feel overwhelmed or time crunched, listen up!  This holiday decorating trick is for you! Ready? Collect your holiday cards from years past and put them into picture frames.  That's it!     I...

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5 Easy Holiday Decor Ideas (That Anyone Can Do!)

Hi everyone.  Here's a fun article I wrote for the Huffington Post last week - thought you might want to take a peek.  I LOVE brainstorming ideas like this - it's totally possible to decorate your space by using stuff you either already have, or...

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Bite-Sized Decorating Ideas: A New Series!

One idea I can't stop obsessing over is that decorating your home doesn't have to be hard.  I speak to so many clients and friends (and blog readers!) who feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to making their spaces beautiful and livable.  And I want to run...

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A Quick Decor Trick for Fall

My mom had the most brilliant idea for decorating our front door (for Fall!) this weekend.  It almost didn't occur to me to blog about it, it was such a simple and affordable decorating trick. Here's the tip - ready for it? Can't see the video?  You can also...

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