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Chin Up! Wallpapering the Ceiling

I spotted this adorable idea in the last issue of HGTV magazine.  This creative mom wallpapered her three daughters' ceilings - all the same wallpaper but in different colorways.  How great is that idea?!       This wallpaper is called Daydream by Hygge & West - comes in a ton of different colors.       I...

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How Much Does it (Really) Cost to Decorate?

Does this sound like you? -  You finally made the move from the city to the 'burbs and you suddenly have the luxury of space.  You can't wait to fill those empty rooms with some furniture! -  OR you are finally ready to get rid of your husband's...

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Dining Room Benches for Less

Dining room benches are all the rage right now.  But have you seen the prices?!  They're almost as much as a table. I was given a fun challenge last week by my friend Carey to find an affordable dining bench for her new Emmerson Table from...

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My Quest for the Fake Furry Stool

I've been meaning to tell you about this forever.  Did you happen to see the incredible living room redo in O Magazine about a month ago?  (Emily Henderson redid this living room.  Isn't it great?)     Via Out of the whole room, the thing that really grabbed my attention was that fake furry...

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A Perfect Console Table in Four Easy Steps

When I posted this photo a few weeks back, I got so much love on Twitter and FB it was a bit staggering (of course, this isn't even my photo!  My friend Jen took it!). Okay, for the record, I can't blame you for going crazy over...

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Thanks, HGTV Magazine!

Hey, I'm in HGTV Magazine!   I've long admired the "Wow!  What Color is That?" feature in HGTV magazine, and it's such a kick to be a part of it in this month's issue. HGTV Magazine, May 2014   The table in question lives in our foyer.  I rescued it...

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Layer, People, Layer!

  Hi, readers!  Long time no talk, my friends! I've been thinking a lot about layered rugs these days. Like this! Via I'm basically telling nearly every client these days to layer, and I often show them the picture above to try to illustrate how it might look. But why??  ...

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Too Much Brown Furniture! A National Epidemic

It starts off innocently enough.  You finally purchase your first new home!  Okay, now it's time to decorate the living room and / or family room.   Your husband has been dreaming of a brown leather sofa for the better part of his adulthood, and convinces you...

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Nailed It! Nailhead Trim Makes Everything Better

You may have seen this picture of a stair runner on a recent post of mine :     It got me thinking - doesn't everything just look better with nailhead trim? Check out these *amazing* nailhead trim ideas - you name the space, you can apply nailhead trim...

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