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You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sea Grass Rug

Since launching Return To Home Interiors and working closely with clients who want their homes to feel more beautiful and pulled together, I've heard again and again how hard it is to find the right rug.  I totally get it - the options are endless...

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Four Go-To Gray Paint Colors

It's official - gray is the new beige.  Where we used to see camel, sand, and caramel grace family room walls, we're now seeing colors like Nantucket Mist, Coastal Fog, Gray Mirage...

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Nifty Tip: The Black Lacquered Banister

Last fall, we visited some friends who had moved to Connecticut.  Of all the details in their beautiful home, one element stuck out as something truly unique. Instead of a dark stain on their staircase's banister, it was painted a glossy black.  So chic!  So polished! I...

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