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Should I Paint my Fireplace?

I hear this a lot from decorating clients and blog readers: "Help!  I hate my ugly fireplace!  But I can't possibly PAINT IT, right???" I'm here to tell you that if you have an ugly brick fireplace, it is okay to paint that ugly brick fireplace.  I give you...

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3 Quick & Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you stuck without a gift for Mother's Day this Sunday?  Don't panic!  I teamed up with Good Day New York yesterday to create a bunch of fun and easy gift ideas for you.   Here are 3 of my faves that I think are particularly creative and easy: 1. Keepsake Baby...

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Free Decorating, Anyone?

Friends, what can I say, I've been writing this blog for four years now and I still get the BIGGEST KICK out of anyone emailing me to comment on a decorating tip or trick I've written about.  After all this time I'm still AMAZED there...

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A Cheaper, Better Sheepskin Rug

I just had to share this amazing find with you. A few months ago, we visited some friends upstate (whose house is BEAUTIFULLY decorated), and afterwards I just couldn't get their big fluffy sheepskin rug out of my mind. We as a family have been admiring this...

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