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Ready for a Refresh? My Best Ideas, All in One Room

When the editors at Westchester Magazine asked if I would decorate a living room for a young family in Connecticut, I said, "sounds fun!".   When they ALSO said they were looking for super budget-friendly ideas I shouted, "HECK YES!" My greatest joy (oh yes, except...

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How to Combine Throw Pillows: The Rule of 3

My friend Casey requested that I write a blog post about throw pillows.  She basically asked me, "How the heck am I supposed to know which patterns go with what?" She's not alone.  I actually hear this pretty often.  It makes perfect sense - if you're not naturally...

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How Much Does it (Really) Cost to Decorate?

Does this sound like you? -  You finally made the move from the city to the 'burbs and you suddenly have the luxury of space.  You can't wait to fill those empty rooms with some furniture! -  OR you are finally ready to get rid of your husband's...

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A Perfect Console Table in Four Easy Steps

When I posted this photo a few weeks back, I got so much love on Twitter and FB it was a bit staggering (of course, this isn't even my photo!  My friend Jen took it!). Okay, for the record, I can't blame you for going crazy over...

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Taking the Rug Plunge – Tips on the Right Size

In my decorating travels, I see more small, dinky rugs than I care to admit.  It just might be the single biggest decorating problem I encounter.  Besides of course the "sea of brown furniture"!   So why is a dinky rug a problem? Because, well, a too small...

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The Only Kitchen Table You Will Ever Want or Need

Dear readers, I bring to you today the only kitchen table you will ever want or need. Okay I don't REALLY know that.  But I bet a lot of you could really use something like the Docksta. IKEA's Docksta table, for $199:   Via    Bright, beautiful, retro-modern…and CHEAP!   Via But this...

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Layer, People, Layer!

  Hi, readers!  Long time no talk, my friends! I've been thinking a lot about layered rugs these days. Like this! Via I'm basically telling nearly every client these days to layer, and I often show them the picture above to try to illustrate how it might look. But why??  ...

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Too Much Brown Furniture! A National Epidemic

It starts off innocently enough.  You finally purchase your first new home!  Okay, now it's time to decorate the living room and / or family room.   Your husband has been dreaming of a brown leather sofa for the better part of his adulthood, and convinces you...

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