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Give Me a Moment: Large Scale Photography

Large scale photography is really having a moment.    Designer Visions showhouse designed by Thom Filicia   Top designers like Thom Filicia have been using large-scale photography for a while now, but suddenly I'm seeing it everywhere.    Via       Via     House Beautiful July 2013, designed by Ashley Whittaker   House Beautiful cover april 2013     Via   You can find the print...

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Dining Room Benches for Less

Dining room benches are all the rage right now.  But have you seen the prices?!  They're almost as much as a table. I was given a fun challenge last week by my friend Carey to find an affordable dining bench for her new Emmerson Table from...

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My Quest for the Fake Furry Stool

I've been meaning to tell you about this forever.  Did you happen to see the incredible living room redo in O Magazine about a month ago?  (Emily Henderson redid this living room.  Isn't it great?)     Via Out of the whole room, the thing that really grabbed my attention was that fake furry...

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Small details = wow! impact

Okay, yes, I know summer is officially over.  But I just wanted to squeeze in one more summer piece of happiness before we give ourselves completely over to Fall. My friend Jen took this photo at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse a few weeks ago, and I just...

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High / Low: Canopy Bed

  Did you ever see this gorgeous bedroom in Domino?   Designed by Miles Redd   Thanks to this photo, I've been obsessed with that bed for years.I know it as the "Anthropologie Bed", as you can get one from Anthropologie that looks just like it:     It retails for $1,698.     But...

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Taking the Rug Plunge – Tips on the Right Size

In my decorating travels, I see more small, dinky rugs than I care to admit.  It just might be the single biggest decorating problem I encounter.  Besides of course the "sea of brown furniture"!   So why is a dinky rug a problem? Because, well, a too small...

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Yes, you CAN find a cheaper Adirondack Chair!

I never understood why so many people on the East Coast have Adirondack chairs in their yards.   But now I get it!  They are sturdy and comfortable outdoor chairs; just a great place to park while you watch the kids play, or have a glass...

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The Only Kitchen Table You Will Ever Want or Need

Dear readers, I bring to you today the only kitchen table you will ever want or need. Okay I don't REALLY know that.  But I bet a lot of you could really use something like the Docksta. IKEA's Docksta table, for $199:   Via    Bright, beautiful, retro-modern…and CHEAP!   Via But this...

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4 Ways to a Cheaper Throw Pillow

I've said it before and I'll say it again, throw pillows are an amazing way to transform a space with minimal effort or fuss. BUT, as you probably know, high-quality throw pillows using designer fabric can easily run $300 each.   So, how do we reap...

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