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Decor Ideas

Entry Hall Redo

When you pass through our front door, you walk a few steps and are faced with this little vignette: Pretty boring, right?   I like the sunburst mirror (a fairly inexpensive find - only $70 on Wayfair), and the bamboo table fits on the small wall,...

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Trends That Stick: The Chinese Garden Stool

If you've turned on HGTV or glanced at an interior design magazine lately, chances are you've spotted a Chinese Garden Stool.  Seems like every time I turn around, there they are staring back at me.  It's the trend that keeps on giving! My absolute *favorite* part...

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Nifty Tip: The Black Lacquered Banister

Last fall, we visited some friends who had moved to Connecticut.  Of all the details in their beautiful home, one element stuck out as something truly unique. Instead of a dark stain on their staircase's banister, it was painted a glossy black.  So chic!  So polished! I...

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Creating a Gallery Wall in Five Easy Steps

A nice gallery wall can really do wonders for a space.  Isn't this fabulous? Via How to Decorate   There are several different ways you could go in hanging a gallery wall.  There's the clean, totally symmetrical look: Via Little Green Notebook   Via Stylebeat Via Houzz     There's the more eclectic, asymmetrical approach:   Via Habitually Chic   Via Martha Stewart   Via Habitually...

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Chiang Mai…my my

Is it weird to have a crush on a fabric pattern?  For me, the Chiang Mai pattern by Schumacher was love at first sight.   Here it is, in all its glory: Pretty pops of color, a traditional pattern but a little Chinoiserie edgy...

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