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How to Combine Throw Pillows: The Rule of 3

My friend Casey requested that I write a blog post about throw pillows.  She basically asked me, "How the heck am I supposed to know which patterns go with what?" She's not alone.  I actually hear this pretty often.  It makes perfect sense - if you're not naturally...

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The Genius in Swapping Out Knobs

Ready to hear one of the easiest and cheapest decorating secrets I've ever come across?   It is simply this:  as often as you can, swap out boring knobs for something really special. This is the TV console in our family room. Both my husband and I can't STAND...

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What do you do with a Beautiful (Old) Crib Bumper?

  If you're anything like me you went completely nutso when you were pregnant and purchased crib bedding that was WAY too expensive.  Not to mention, you purchased a crib bumper that you can't even really use! My daughter's crib bumper in particular was just so painfully beautiful...

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