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Rope! Summer-Inspired Decor

Doesn't nautical rope just say "Summer"?   Everywhere I look, people are finding terrifically creative uses for rope in their decor.  It's the most perfect decor element, especially for the summer - neutral in color but textured so it's interesting to look at, and it also adds...

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Do-it-Yourself Floorplans

We are gearing up to move into our first house at the end of the summer - super exciting! { Home sweet home } Yes, I am excited to embark on this new adventure.  BUT I'll also be 8 months pregnant by the time we move, so you...

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Four Easy (and Cheap!) DIY projects

As you all know, the interior design world is humming with DIY projects - who knew there were so many uses for a glue gun??  While I am constantly inspired and impressed by these hard-working and creative DIYers, I have to admit most of these...

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